A morning foodie at Cafe Monza

There are a lot of reasons one would wake up early for. But all geared up for a hearty breakfast at 8am, only cult foodies would do that!

On this beautiful Friday morning #NaviMumbaiFoodies head to Cafe Monza at Kharghar, for their breakfast spread. This quaint little place welcomes you from the moment you enter the cafe, which has two levels of seating (and options outside as well).

As #NaviMumbaiFoodies get settled, the table is swamped with some delectable food – egg omelet, waffles, kheema ghotala (finger-licking awesome), mashed potato, chicken sausages, poha in basil & sundried tomato (must try in-house innovation), masala chai and cappuccino.

Cafe MonzaKheema GotalaWafflesMasala Chai n Capuccino

Wanna know more, read what our experts have to say – Rhea Dalal, Avantika Chitlangia and Nisha Jha.



Next time u wanna head out for breakfast, make sure the journey leads you to Kharghar.

(PS: meal for two could be approx Rs. 500-700)



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