Ergo a foodie

So the #NaviMumbaiFoodies embarked on a journey, making their first stop at Macchiato, a pizza, bar and grill (CBD Belapur). As they rightly said, this two-florey Italophilia made it for an interesting evening.

Our tables soon got filled with macchitato shots (awesomely strong coffee) with in-house breads (referred to as home-made), mocktails like Orange Blossom, side orders of Carpaccio and Crostinis, main course of wood fired pizza, risotto and home-made pasta. The cherry on top was the light and a must-try steamed (not baked) cheesecake.

And how well did it tickle our taste buds? Read the reviews shared by our foodies Sudha Ganapthi and Avantika Chitlangia

Stay tuned as more specials come up!

(PS: A meal for two could cost approx Rs. 2000 or slightly more)

Macchiato IndiaMacchiato_main courseMacchiato_home made pastaMacchiato_cheesecake n mango icecream



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