Pan Pan. One-stop shop in #Asian cuisine for #NaviMumbaiFoodies

An experience that engulfs you on entering the world of Global Culture. A brand that houses four themes of restaurants, is definitely a first in Navi Mumbai.

Having opened its doors only a week back, #NaviMumbaiFoodies was delighted to be at Pan Pan (east Asian cuisine) for a review. It seemed like the perfect day with a window seating, skies pouring outside and some brilliant eastern fare turning up on our tables.

As we settled in, the usual like khimchi and sauces were placed. Our orders began with their special Tom Yum chicken soup, Seafood wanton soup and Chicken Lemon Coriander soup. The three bowls were overflowing with aroma and were distinctively special. Following that we chose the obvious – steamed dimsums – opting for Garlic Prawn dimsums. Colorfully rich and soft to the touch, these dimsums blend beautifully if you wish to try green tea along. East Asian fare, so Chicken satay wasn’t far away with its finger-licking peanut sauce.

Pan Pan soupsPan Pan dimsums

Our appetites were full to the brim, but main course definitely needed some indulgence. The team recommended vegetarian Burmese curry (which is MUST try) and burnt garlic prawn rice (a hit from the moment it landed on our table). We pushed the envelope by ordering their in-house special – cheesecake, which was loaded with cheese and got full marks for its freshness.

Pan Pan burmese curry n burnt garlic prawn ricePan Pan cheesecake

All in all, Pan Pan will make you come back everytime you yearn for Asian cuisine, so forget traveling anywhere else (approx Rs. 1500-2000 for a meal of two).

This isnt enough and you want more details on the menu? Then read what our guest and a senior food expert Sanjay Punjabi, has to say. Professionally works in the ecommerce industry, has an in-depth understanding of the print industry and is a foodie by passion.

Review done on Feb 28th, 2015


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