Memoirs of #NaviMumbaiFoodies around the world in #80Days

Please dont get distracted by the title. #NaviMumbaiFoodies didn’t hit the travel tracks, but simply headed to 80 Days at Global Culture (in Sanpada) for a great experience in World Cuisine.

80 Days is designed around the book & movie – Around the world in 80 Days – true to it in each aspect. The experience begins as you enter the ambiance – flags off varied countries, huge ship to mark the travel bug, comfortable and unique seating style. Most importantly a comprehensive menu with vast options to pick from.

Once seated, we were offered Olive Tepanade – crusted bread with delectable olives crushed in – this got us started and wanting for more. The vegetarians on the table were soon delighted with the Mezze Platter (best we had in the twin city), Jalapeno Poppers (that came with an awesome dip) and Essence of mushroom soup (will be a fav for mushroom lovers). With lower in count, the non-vegetarians, chose the often recommended lamb sliders and were not disappointed at all.

80 days essence of mushroom 80 Days Jalapeno Poppers 80 Days Lam Sliders 80 days mezze platter 80 Days olive tepenade

As we moved on to picking our beverages, the table was soon swamped with great options. But the “hero”80 Days Beverages
of the night was awarded to Port No. 7, a bourbon whisky cocktail. If your a whisky lover, then no one can stop u drooling on this one; and if u aint a whisky person, you would still want more of this smooth drink. Others on the table were – Virgin Green Apple Mojito, Green Apple & Hazelnut Martini, Mango & Plum Smoothie.

For the non-vegetarian mains, we picked their wood-fired barbeque chicken pizza (slow cooked to give a smoky chicken taste to it) and chicken milanise (crumb fried with olive tepanade & fetacheese). The portions are splendid and definitely gets us to try something new, this side of the town. The vegetarians chose Creole Cottage Cheese (very tender & flavorsome) and Tomato Risotto (moist in texture). Although we didnt order, but the tomato emulsion soup is personally recommended by the chef.

80 Days Barbeque Chicken Pizza 80 Days Chicken Milanis 80 Days Cottage Cheese 80 Days Rissotto

Like all good things end on a sweet note, this meal got its closure with the chocolate marquis cake – not so sweet, not overtly filled with chocolate, not so bitter. It was the perfect balance.

80 Days Chocolate Marquis

What we enjoyed – food offered is a great combination of taste & options, comfortable ambiance (has a large screen as well), prompt service, quick chat with the chef and the lovely cocktail. Family, friends or quick catching-up, this place can give it all.

Nothing better than hearing what the experts had to say themselves. So go on and read what our #foodies recommend.

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(This review was done on March 13th, 2015)


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